Enhanced Security

Jun 23, 2021

At the secondary school, a cinder block wall is being built to replace a chain-linked fence. Enhancing security was a top priority for Father Lamarre when we visited in October 2020. Then, he had already started adding bars to windows at the school and a wall around the rectory. “The wall at the school will protect the students and teachers as well as the computer equipment,” he said.

With the added security Father Lamare hopes to be able to buy better equipment and improve internet service knowing that these investments will be secure.

Cistern Rebuild
Another much needed project was recently completed in the village of Bouly: rebuilding a cistern next to the medical clinic that had fallen into disrepair. The cistern, originally built by French volunteers in 2013, is the main water source for the clinic and for residents. Water is brought into the cistern, via PVC pipes, from a spring located on a steep hill about five minutes’ walk from the clinic.

Instead of repairing the existing cistern, a new larger cistern was built so that the fence that surrounds the clinic bisects the cistern, with a spigot on the inside of the fence and another on the outside.

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