Currently Haiti Outreach is seeking volunteers for all committees:


Fulfilling the Pillar of Focus of the Body.

Through sharing our medical talents, this committee focuses on the healthcare of Haitian citizens associated to our Mission. Through frequent scheduled trips we share our talents to provide basic healthcare. This committee also organizes and facilitates a crucial fundraiser with the annual Medical Banquet.

  • Medical supplies management
  • Bouly Clinic activities and capital needs (ie Water supply)
  • Banquet ownership, timing, invitation strategy
  • Medic Samaritan development
  • Recruitment of physicians and nurses for Mission trips


Fulfilling the Pillar of Focus of the Mind.

This committee maintains a very close relationship with Sister Lunie to assist the schools in meeting their financial needs for staff, curriculum, facilities, technology, etc.

  • Student sponsorship campaign
  • Frequent updates with Sister Lunie on teachers and staff
  • Daily Meals

Grant and Donor Relations

Fulfilling the Pillar of Focus of the Faith.

This committee maintains and grows close relationships with all donors that individually support the Haitian mission that help fund key projects at St Michel and support the priests efforts to make improvement in all areas including schools and the clinic. This committee also seeks to locate and apply for grants focused on our capital needs throughout the mission.

  • Focus on key donors and support
  • Coordinate with Affiliate Parish Relations to build relations with affiliate parishes on Student Sponsorship and key donor development
  • Seek out grant opportunities
  • This committee is less involved in routine donor activities such as weekly collections and other smaller donations

Marketing Committee

To significantly increase exposure of the Mission throughout our parish and affiliate parishes and raise awareness for donor opportunities through all channels and partners.

  • Lead communications efforts through all forms of media currently in place
  • Website updates
  • Website, Social Media, Bulletin postings, Weekly Newsletter postings, Event coordination
  • Support affiliate partners to develop donor support materials
  • Coordination of “Flee Market/Rummage Sale” fundraiser

Affiliate Parish Relations

This committee will focus on developing strong and supportive relationships with other parishes and organizations that desire to share in our mission. Through frequent contact and coordination with all committees, we engage these affiliates to participate both with time, talent and treasure.

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