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Student Sponsorship

Our donors sponsor approximately 900 children at Ecole St. Michel Primary School, 270 8th to Philo grade students at College de St. Michel High School, and young women at Boucan-Carré Vocational School where they are taught cooking and sewing to support the local village. Our funding pays the salaries of 26 full-time and 28 part-time teachers at the two schools.

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Accessible Health Care 

Thousands of Haitians who live in the country’s most remote regions have little or no access to medical care. One in every two children dies before the age of four from malaria, typhoid, cholera, and other tropical diseases. In 2016, we opened a medical mission in the remote village of Bouly, reachable only by a five-hour trek. The Bouly clinic provides primary care to 400 patients a month.

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St Michel Parish

The St Michel Parish Rectory was built in 2017.







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